Where to find me

I wrote gaming news, reviews and features for StickSkills.com until early 2014. In addition I hosted, edited and produced over 70 episodes of their weekly podcast. ______________________________________________________________________________

I was a staff writer and podcast producer for XBLAFans. The site is dedicated to creating a place for gamers to get information on XBLA games. Get to my work by clicking the image above. _______________________________________________________________________________

As an avid gamer and aspiring writer I occasionally use Bitmob as an outlet for reviews and articles I feel inclined to write which don’t fit in with my work for the above sites. You can find my profile by clicking the image above.

_______________________________________________________________________________ I wrote various articles for SquareGo, including reviews and previews. SquareGo aims to appeal to a wider audience with writing that is succinct and not bogged down by jargon. View my writing their by clicking the logo above. _______________________________________________________________________________ I used to write podcast episode summaries and various other podcast related articles for CastMedium. The site was designed to help podcast listeners discover new shows that may interest them. Click the image above to see my posts.