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Hard Lines (iOS Review)

Hard LinesWe all know it. That age old question we’ve all longed to be answered; what would happen if you crossed Tron Light Cycles with Snake. Thankfully Hard Lines answers that question and answers it well.

If you aren’t familiar with either Snake or Tron don’t fret as Hard Lines is very easy to understand. You control a small white dot which leaves a coloured line in it’s wake as it moves across the grid which is your playfield. Simple. A simple swipe in the direction you want it to move is all you need. There are a couple of other control methods but swiping is by far the most responsive and satisfying.

So why exactly are you swiping your little white dot around a grid? Well that all depends on the game mode you’re playing and there’s quite a few to choose from. The default Survival mode sees you trying to gain a high score by collecting bits (small coloured dots). You’ll also be trying to simultaneously avoid and destroy computer controlled dots. That’s where the Light Cycle part comes in, you’ll need to use your coloured trail to trap your enemies. Difficulty ramps up at a steady and satisfying pace with more and more enemies entering the fray as your score increases. You may not even realise there are other modes because Survival will get it’s “just one more go” hook into you.

Deadline is the second mode and plays much like Survival except you can die as much as you want but you only have three minutes to get as high a score as you can. Time Attack is once again much like Survival but this time you have to collect bits in order to keep your timer going all the while chasing that high score.

Piñata is where things start to get shaken up a bit, in this mode you can only get bits by killing enemies. It turns your innocent white dot into quite the mass murderer, but seeing all those bits spill out feels so good. Gauntlet is by far the craziest mode in the game, the screen is literally filled with enemies. It may look pretty but it’s incredibly manic and tense, the slightest wrong move can be disastrous. While fun for a few rounds Gauntlet is definitely the least compelling of Hard Lines‘ modes.

Finally there’s Snake, which is exactly what you expect. Anyone who has had a Nokia phone over the past decade will no doubt have played Snake, and it’s various incarnations, to death. The only enemy here is yourself, as collecting bits makes your colour trail grow meaning the higher your score gets the harder it becomes to navigate the grid. It’s a faithful adaption of the classic game and just as addictive as it ever was.

Hard Lines is wonderfully charming. It’s bright neon visuals are simple but a joy to look at. The retro, synth-laced soundtrack isn’t especially original but it’s fun and is at the very least not annoying. For a game centring around a white dot it has tons of personality too, most of it coming from said little speck. Your dot constantly spouts jokes or just random quips and facts. It can be a tad distracting at first and the humour doesn’t always hit home but for the most part it’s an entertaining and welcome surprise.

If Hard Lines only had Survival mode on offer it would be more than easy to recommend. The fact it has so many other modes, the majority of which are equally as fun and addictive, makes it a must buy.

So, what do you get when you cross Tron Light Cycles with Snake? As it turns out a rather fun and addictive iOS game with great sense of style and charm.

Originally published on Square-Go.com

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