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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360 hands on preview)

Call of DutyIt is somewhat expected at this point that any first person shooter worth its salt won’t just have story based campaign and competitive multiplayer modes to keep us entertained. No, they now also need some kind of co-operative mode. One which involves getting together with some friends to hunker down and take on wave afer wave of increasingly difficult enemies. It may not have been the first but Gears of War particularly popularised the idea with its extremely fun and engaging Horde mode.

Past Call of Duty games have had slightly similar modes. Of course there’s the ever popular zombie mode, which is the most directly comparable to Horde. The Modern Warfare sub-series did things a little differently though, they had Spec Ops. These were small co-op missions each with their own objectives and unique environments, although some were similar to missions from the games campaign modes. This mode will return in Modern Warfare 3 but it will also be joined by a new Survival Mode, which is what I recently had a chance to play.

Survival Mode, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, sees one or two players face off against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. While a straight copy of Horde mode with Call of Duty’s shooting system could be fun, there are a few differences to make this system a little more interesting. As you progress and kill enemies you and your partner will earn cash, each having your own pool. This can be used to purchase weapons, equipment and upgrades at several terminals scattered around the map.

I only had access to the weapons station at first, but as the game progressed the other ones unlocked and appeared on the map. One for equipment and a final for special killstreak-esque unlocks. The weapon station allows you to purchase different guns and also upgrade them with the usual red dot sights and all the add-ons you’ve grown to expect in Call of Duty games. The equipment station is much the same but for things like claymores and grenades, you are also free to keep what you already have and just use the stations to restock ammo. This will conserve your money for the final, and I’d argue, most fun station.

When I played the Survival Mode, I was lucky enough to be paired with a player who was of broadly equal skill to myself; which meant we managed to last a little longer than most. This allowed me to use that last upgrade station a few times. At the station you can purchase what are essentially killstreak rewards, like those you find in competitive multiplayer. So you can get an airstrike or a helicopter to come in and clean up the enemies for you. My personal favourite was the ability to call in Delta squad, a group of marines who drop down from an attack helicopter and fight alongside you. It made the whole thing feel more like a mission from the campaign, with a large scale firefight breaking out in place of the tense back to the wall encounters we’d been having up till then.

The ability to purchase upgrades so readily made the mode feel like an accelerated version of the multiplayer. Within a few waves I’d already ditched my starting weapons for superior replacements and decked them out with a red dot sight and grenade launcher. It gave a much greater feeling of progression than just seeing the wave number increase.

Much like Spec Ops the Survival Mode is limited to two players, which is unfortunate as half the fun of these types of modes is the atmosphere created by having a group of friends playing together. That said, it is a great addition to the usual Call of Duty package and it should definitely be a lot of fun.

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