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Catherine (Xbox 360 Hands on preview)

CatherineThe recent entries in the Persona series have gained a rather large cult following on Playstation 2 and PSP. Their blend of quirky high school relationship sim and traditional Japanese RPG managed to find more success than one might expect. Of course anyone who has played the games can see the appeal. Charming characters, an intriguing, if uniquely Japanese, story and solid RPG mechanics. Many are waiting in eager anticipation for the inevitable announcement of Persona 5 for current gen consoles. However while they wait the Persona team has been hard at work on a very different game.

Catherine is essentially a puzzle game but to present it as nothing more than that would be a disservice. In the game you play as Vincent, a 32 year old guy who has been dating his girlfriend Katherine for many years (he can’t quite remember how many though). Katherine thinks it’s about time they thought about marriage and settling down. Vincent isn’t so sure he’s ready to take that step. If that wasn’t enough for Vincent to think about, he soon meets Catherine. He wakes up in bed with her the next morning with no memory of what happened.

It’s a subject matter you rarely find in video games, often relationships are side stories which you can all but ignore. In Catherine however Vincent’s relationship crisis is set to be the main drive of the narrative. There are some hints at a more sinister subplot but it remains to be seen how much of an impact that has. The main thrust of the story definitely looks to focus on the love triangle of Vincent, Katherine and Catherine.

The other unique aspect of Catherine is that the bulk of the gameplay comes in the form of block puzzles. Presented as Vincents nightmares, you must guide him (in nothing but his boxer shorts) from the bottom of a tower of blocks to the top. In order to do so you will have to pull and push individual blocks to create steps for Vincent to climb. All the while a grotesque monster-like version of Katherine climbs up from below and if she catches you it’s game over. The preview levels were only available on Easy difficulty, which didn’t provide too large a challenge. These also appeared to be from very early in the game, later puzzles promise more variety and different block types to increase the puzzles complexity.

You will be able to interact with Vincent’s world while he’s awake too, mostly The Stray sheep, the bar where he hangs out. No block puzzles here though, well aside from an arcade game found there. You can also chat to people in said bar, both friends and just fellow customers. While there you’ll also receive text messages, which you can reply to. There are a few different lines to choose from, each with their own implications. Whichever response you select will have an affect on both Vincent and the person you’re replying to.

The only big barrier to entry Catherine has is that it’s wrapped in a Persona-esque anime aesthetic. This isn’t for everyone, so while some may be interested by the games themes and story the distinctly Japanese wrapper could put them off.

While the puzzle game element being the bulk of the gameplay is somewhat baffling, it’s the themes and subject matter that make Catherine so interesting. The promise of a game where the conflict is a mans struggle with an emotional relationship crisis is unique to say the least. Whether the full version of Catherine ends up as compelling as the demo suggests, it’s certainly commendable to see a developer put out something so mature and different.

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