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Dungeon Raid (iOS Review)

Dungeon Raid is a match three puzzle game with a twist, much like the Puzzle Quest series it lays RPG elements on top of the proven puzzle formula. And as those games have shown that is a formula that can lead to exceedingly addictive games. It takes a slightly different (although no less addictive) approach than the Puzzle Quests however, in order to match the items on the grid you simply use your finger to draw a line connecting them. You can even draw lines diagonally, which can open up huge chains giving bonuses with certain items.

Dungeon Raid Screenshot 1

The game should be easy to pick-up for anyone familiar with the match three concept. Rather than matching gems there are varying items, potions which restore health, shields which restore armour, coins which give money for upgrades and swords which when matched with skulls (which represent enemies) will do damage to the enemy. Collection money and shields will allow you to buy new equipment or upgrade the stuff you already have. While killing enemies will net you experience points, gaining levels will then allow you to upgrade your stats. It isn’t the most in depth but there is certainly enough RPG minutia here to keep you engaged.

Dungeon Raid is a score-attack game, while it’s Puzzle Quest-esque trappings may suggest otherwise there is no story or epic quest to speak of. When starting a new game a random paragraph of text will explain your situation, whether it be that have you taken up adventuring to pay a debt or you have stumbled across a hidden labyrinth in the desert. This minimalist approach benefits Dungeon Raid greatly as it encourages replayability. There is no persistence to your character, any upgrades or levels you acquire in a game will not carry over once you start a new game. A mode which allowed for some level or persistence would have been welcome but the game as it is doesn’t suffer without such a feature.

After a few games you’ll find yourself thinking more strategically, should you attack the boss enemy or go for the corner full of health potions? The game is a constant juggling act as you try to keep the board clear of enemies while also trying to keep yourself alive and continue upgrading your character. You will unlock powers which grant abilities such as collecting all the coins in play or changing all skulls to swords. Choosing which of these powers you want and when to use them adds yet another layer of intricacy to the gameplay.

Dungeon Raid Screenshot 2

For those looking for a Puzzle Quest like experience without the need to play a mutli-hour story Dungeon Raid is definitely worth checking out. On normal difficulty games can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, allowing for an excellent bite-size experience.

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