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They came from the deep (iOS Review)

They came from the deepWhen looking at They Came From The Deep it would be unfair not to take into account how it was created. Birmingham City University are currently offering a “Gamer Camp” course, this game was created by some students on the one month “Nano” version. With the first week being pure tuition, this means the game was created in around three weeks.

They Came From The Deep is a tower defence game, very similar in style to the incredibly popular Plants vs Zombies from developer Popcap. Enemies, in this case sea creatures rather than zombies, stroll slowly from the right side of the screen to the left. It’s up to you to use the various defences at your disposal to stop them. You must collect treasure coins which randomly appear on the beach to pay for your various contraptions. Deciding when to stockpile them for a more powerful defence and when to go on a spending spree is the key to success.

As one might expect from a game created in just under 3 weeks, They Came From The Deep isn’t as refined and polished as Plants vs Zombies. That being said it is mightily impressive in it’s execution. The art in the game is simple but surprisingly high quality, with some lovely painted backdrops and charming enemy designs.

Gameplay can be a bit slow to ramp up, a problem which Plants vs Zombies suffered from too. Since each level starts from scratch you’ll have to amass your stockpile coins again and rebuild all your defences, which is fine except this means each level takes around a minute or so to really get going. The pace of the game in general is very slow, even when there are a lot of enemies on screen there’s rarely a sense of urgency. Whether that suits you or not will be down to the individual player but impatient players probably won’t appreciate it.

They Came From The Deep feels very much like a proof of concept, it’s short and doesn’t really end, rather once you get to the end of the last level it just stops. That being said, as a showcase of what can be done in less than 3 weeks it’s very impressive indeed. It’s easy to imagine the potential outcomes if these students were given a little more time and resources. The app is free so there’s no reason not to check it out.

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