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Poopocalypse (XBLIG Review)

PoopocalypseWhen a developer chooses to name their game Poopocalypse one can safely assume it isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously. That’s definitely the case here, as you take control of an especially chubby pigeon and proceed to defecate on just about everything. Not without reason, as the opening cut scene self-seriously explains. The reason said pigeon is so overweight is because people have been feeding him. Now someone has put a ban on feeding and this pigeon is not pleased. So of course the only course of action is to poop – on everything.

This is a game though, so there’s a little more point to pooping – high score! By aiming your bird’s butt at certain objects you will gain points and increase your multiplier. There’s a variety of objects to poop on, from the classic human to bicycles and kites. Then there are the landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, which will give you a significant points and multiplier boost.

Going from the left side of the screen to the right while pooping on the many poop-worthy objects can be a surprisingly tense affair. As the best way to keep your multiplier going is to go as fast as possible, obstacles such as hot air balloons and planes will be much harder to dodge. Even those high-stakes landmarks can be dangerous when you are flying toward them at high speed.

Much like the best Xbox Live Indie Games, Poopocalypse‘s strength is in its charming (if mildly vulgar) premise that is surrounded by an equally endearing aesthetic. The game has a silhouetted art style that works extremely well and allows for minimal animation which doesn’t look out of place or cheap. Then there’s the over-the-top – and what can only be described as ‘rockin’’ – soundtrack, you’ll want to keep the title screen on for a while and mosh it up in front of your telly.

For 80 Microsoft Points Poopocalypse is a great little game for those looking for a quick five minute palette cleanser in between the meatier Deus Exs of this world.

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